For-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations: Comparison

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For-profit and non-profit organizations can use various funding mechanisms and attract new participants in this challenging task. Commercial organizations, as a rule, strive for an equal and fair exchange of their services for money. It can be flight services, delivery of things, and cooking in a restaurant. Non-profit organizations usually expect donations or contributions from their members. They often use specific offerings for a particular purpose; donors can monitor this. Providing declarations and reports is the direct responsibility of such non-profit organizations not to lose reputation among donors and not incur criminal liability.

Contracts play a critical role in commercial and non-commercial organizations and help build trust between the service provider and the donor or client. As for commercial organizations, the company is fully responsible for the transaction and receiving the money. If, for example, the goods were lost during the transport by ship, the company is contractually accountable for this. The agreement in non-profit organizations does not imply that if an animal rights organization does not achieve increased punishment for corporal abuse, this will be the basis for a lawsuit. Such an organization should be accountable for the work done, and the result remains a consequence.

Financing is an essential regulator of organization management, as it opens the way to planning and decision-making. My non-profit organization relies on the values ​​of personal development and cultural diversity to attract investment and potential donors (Saint Leo University Core Values, n.d.). We show that we are interested in solving the problems of minorities and encouraging any eradication of illiteracy (Scott, 2015). My non-profit organization works with people who have experienced police violence, and there are many minorities among the victims. Active social media PR and showcasing donation distribution in weekly or monthly reports make our members feel safe, and donors know their money is serving a good cause.


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