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The purpose of the business is to provide and sell digital art products and digital works for people who need them while specializing and/or tailoring our products to their visions. The business will start by collaborating with the clients through understanding their needs and what new products they desire to be developed and supplied to improve their current situation.

The purpose seeks to explain why the business exists. The purpose is intended to inspire growth of the business into the future that will be based on the need to create value for other through offering high-quality products. Therefore, the business is expected to signify and support various and lively digital arts ecosystem through taking on a broad array of artistic and curatorial preparation. The business seeks to employ market licensed experts to provide expert opinion and represent the client’s interests and attend to their immediate concerns (Entrepreneur, n.d.). The approach will enable the business to help people across different platforms including e-commerce experience so that they can have good quality products.

The purpose is designed to make the employees feel satisfied while carrying out their duties. It is expected to form the culture around which people in the business will operate on. For instance, to manage expenses, the accounting professionals will be inspired to develop flexible budgets. Moreover, the experiences about digital products will provide a custom-made approach for every client. The purpose is designed to ensure people working in the business feel that they are contributing to the greater society. In the end it will attract customers and ensure they remain loyal to the business (Johnson, 2015). To fulfill this purpose, I start by identifying the customer needs and problems facing a successfully functioning business. The process involves engaging with the clients by asking a few questions regarding the kind of help needed.

The mission of the business is to make digital arts easily reached, comprehensive, and expressive through different styles of innovation. The digital arts will involve technical novelty, combined with graphical, verbalized, and engraved message on the products. As a digital artist, I seek to construct original works of art that embody great quality and can be displayed and bought through gallery demonstration and online delivery.

The mission statement is developed on the need to elaborate the desire to exist in the digital arts space. The businesses’ mission is based on the desire to support and stimulate the prominence and spirit of the present-day digital arts ecosystem (Henricks, n.d.). Based on achieving the current goals the mission is intended to push people around the business to work towards a sustainable future for the digital arts industry. This describes the need to have the business in place.

The current digital arts form the basis of existing within the industry and are what makes the artists be sensitive and inventive people in the society. Digital works play a significant role in shaping the world around us through a superb and boundless progression (Vanderelst, 2017). In general, it’s a cycle where art stimulates the artist, who in turn develops new forms of art.

The online platforms are loaded with products that seem to address the wishes of those in the growing digital media market. This business intends to provide appropriate and forward thinking products by constantly running superior reviews and features. Through innovation as outlined in the mission statement, the business seeks to constantly provide high-grade products. The products will enable the business to attract more customers whom the business has purposed to support by providing tailor-made digital products. The mission and purpose will be realized through providing impartial product-led material and proficient guidance, across all media.

The business intends to link the world of art enthusiasts with insights and committed. This can be realized by growing to be a globally renowned digital arts company by activating and influencing digital works. The mission intends to fulfill the business purpose through guiding on the essential digital works and products needed to activate and enable the customers to succeed in their digital space. The business will focus on creating customized content that can be applied across all digital platforms including social, mobile and video platforms with stability that brings results.

The business will promote the digital works and arts by nurturing critical and ingenious thinking, artistic manifestation and awareness, effective communiqué, and community engagement. The vision encompasses a wide variety of digital arts expression in a multi-disciplinary, state-of-the-art, robust and fashionable digital arts exercise.

A vision statement supports the goals of the business by detailing what is to be realized in the end. It gives purpose to the existence of the business (Johnson, 2015). While developing the vision statement the following process and aspects were considered:

  • Forming the apex of the funnel, that is to be the ultimate goal of every major action undertaken by the business. Every action needs to contribute towards achieving the ultimate goal.
  • I developed an outstanding and motivating summary that pronounces why the business exists. The summary will help to provoke every member of the team to work harder and attract other high-quality talents.
  • The vision statement is intended to be a concise statement regarding what the business intends to achieve especially through helping other digital artists to better understand the products.
  • The digital arts space has numerous services and products that can be offered. However, the vision is developed in a narrow space that will enable the business to steer clear of certain opportunities that may not in the end contribute in realizing the objectives.
  • The vision is developed within a framework that will make it a constant reminder of why the business exists and offer a sense of inspiration for the business in the course of tough times.

The purpose, mission statement and vision statement are usually linked together. The purpose shows the starting point of a business and creates the working culture for the business. The mission can be described as the path that the business needs to follow to reach its destination. It guides how the business will grow from one stage to another (Entrepreneur, 2003). The vision describes the ultimate goal of the business. It defines the ultimate expectation of the business. Therefore, the purpose, mission and vision are closely connected. The vision statement and the vision statement are written statements describe the overall purpose of the organization. The statements are designed to respond to questions pertaining to what we value, who we are, and where we are going. Once the statements are openly connected, extensively unstated, and mutually shared, they lead to better performance of the organization (Prior, 2009). Most businesses have a mission and vision statement. The mission and vision statements ensure effective running of the business by being aligned to the overall goals and objectives.

Mission is a broader statement that explains the current activities that are to be conducted to achieve the vision. The vision defines the exact ultimate position where the business desires to be (Segal, 2017). The vision statements act as a link between the business purpose and mission. It disturbs the existing situation by creating tension and anxiety such that it pushes the business to work towards endless innovation and upgrading.

In addition, the vision statement is closely connected to the purpose that indicates the focus of the business in terms of its goals and aspirations. This guarantees that the business will constantly deliver the best, most current information, keeping it well in front of other businesses in the industry. The vision will be realized by synthesizing the views and practices all through the scale of past and contemporary contexts. The vision pushes the business to not only focus only making new products but also providing what is needed in the market. In general, the mission statement and the vision statement are written descriptions help to communicate the business’s purpose (Vanderelst, 2017). Moreover, the mission statement and the vision statement tell the goals and objectives set to define whether the business is operating within the set strategic direction.


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