Are Robots more Useful Than Human?

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The two types of employment where humans are superior to robots are those requiring creativeness and critical thinking. Humans are always better at critical thinking, and machines cannot completely replace them because machines operate according to predefined commands and programs. Humans can make better decisions, but machines will not until they are updated. Contrarily, the two types of employment where computers are more effective than people are dangerous and monotonous tasks. Humans sometimes grow weary of executing repetitive activities, but machines do not give up. When the job involves more risk, such as when monitoring the operation of high heating tunnels or a manufacturing plant’s most hazardous workplace, the job cannot be accomplished by a human because it poses a high possibility for risk and injury; hence machines can complete these outstandingly. The accuracy and speed of machines make me believe they perform better than individuals.


Walmart’s inventory types include anticipation inventory, buffer inventory, transit, and goods inventory. In Walmart, when finished goods arrive in the stores, they are stockpiled, and the inventory is restocked frequently. Hence this inventory type supports Walmart’s operations, whereby finished commodities are relocated from its merchandise distributing centers and sold to the retail purchasers at the stores. Transit inventory’s role is to restock finished goods inventory in the firm’s stores and merchandise distribution bases (Greenspan, 2019). Buffer inventory’s role is to ensure there is enough capacity for Walmart to satisfy its sudden demand increases, considering the present retail market forecasting models may be accurate but not perfectly modeling such variations. Walmart’s inventory management goal is to permit suppliers to access their products’ data on the inventory levels. The inventory management objectives are measured. using the Just-in-time (JIT) method (Greenspan, 2019). JIT involves activities and measures for the operational goal of reducing costs and storage. At Walmart, the JIT method is used in cross-docking. I did not visit Walmart, but I researched the business online.


Greenspan, R. (2019). Walmart’s Inventory Management – Panmore Institute. Panmore Institute.

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