Evaluating the Evidence-Based Practice Project

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Determining the value of a project is vital for its completion and the identification of the further course of research. By examining the ways in which a project has affected the target stakeholders, as well as general audiences, one will embrace the extent of change produced with the help of the project in question, as well as locate the further course of research. However, the methods of evaluating the value of specific work are quite complicated given the large number of factors to be taken into account (Glodzinski, 2018). To determine the effectiveness of change that my project will make, I will assess the shift in performance rates overall, as well as check the presence of an increase in the motivation and engagement rates and the revenue.

The indicators mentioned above are vital for assessing the efficacy of project management and the development of a solution to a specific problem observed in the target business setting., Since the issues of employee engagement and satisfaction, the levels of corporate performance, and the profit margins of an organization are firmly correlated, it would be pointless to assess one aspect of project implementation without considering the other (Kermanshachi et al., 2020). Thus, the general change in the dynamics within an organization will be identified, and possible areas for future improvements will be located.

Thus, a multifaceted evaluation of an organization’s management of its human resources, financial assets, and change implementation will be required to gauge the efficacy of a project. Once the specified assessment is completed, the positive and negative outcomes of a project will become apparent. Therefore, an assessment of three key aspects of running a company will be required for an adequate assessment of a project.


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