Apple Inc.’s Recruitment, Hiring and Onboarding Approach

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Apple Inc. is one of the major technology companies in the world. Being in the tech industry known for rapid changes and advancements, the company must implement strategies that ensure its competitiveness and success. A key determinant of organizational success is the quality and capabilities of the human resource, as all aspects of organizational operations are directly linked to it. Apple Inc. recognizes the value of having a team of employees that have aligned goals, values, and expertise, as this ensures high organizational performance through the resulting efficiency and effectiveness. As such, the processes of employee selection, hiring, and onboarding at Apple Inc. are conducted with all due diligence since they are essential in determining the quality and compatibility of an important organizational resource, the human recourse.

Apple Inc. applies a distinct selection and hiring approach that suits the company’s needs and values. Regarding the selection process, both external and internal selection and recruitment techniques are utilized. Application for job opportunities is made online on the company’s official site, after which a review is done, and qualified candidates are invited for a first-round phone interview. This interview is to assess the candidates’ competence, including past successful projects, educational background, and work experience. Candidates who pass the phone interview are then invited to the company’s assessment center.

The assessment center allows candidates to interact with Apple’s professional staff and be enlightened on various aspects of the company. In addition to that, the candidates are exposed to tests and exercises to determine their collaborative abilities considering that teamwork and coordination are important values to the organization. Candidates also undergo a written exercise that requires the application of analytical and interpretation skills to get the solution to the provided case problem. This is followed by a short role-play exercise that requires the application of real job skills depending on the nature of the job (Kalechi). A final face-to-face interview by the executive is the last stage of the recruitment process before getting hired as an Apple employee.

It is important that after an employee is hired, they are given the much-needed orientation and get in line with the company’s systems and individual job requirements. Apple Inc. is one of the companies that have fully embraced the onboarding of its new hires. According to Smith, 77 percent of employees who undergo the onboarding process achieve their performance targets within a year of employment. Furthermore, organizations that have active onboarding programs recorded over 20 percent employee retention rates (Smith). The onboarding process ensures that new employees proceed with more conviction and certainty in their respective roles in a new company environment.

In the words of Apple founder Steve Jobs, “You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best.” (Smith) This is basically what the onboarding process at Apple Inc. is all about. It plays a big role in imparting efficiency and fast settling of new hires in the company, hence acts as a silver lining of the whole recruitment process and immediate contribution to organizational objectives and goals.

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